Hog Roast Ormskirk Served A Hearty Spread At A Tattoo Convention!

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more than a quarter of Brits now sporting some form of body ink. Alongside this surge in popularity comes the rise of tattoo conventions – unique events that bring together tattoo collectors, artists, and enthusiasts from far and wide.

At these conventions, attendees have the opportunity to get inked by renowned artists, peruse and purchase tattoo-related items like flash sheets and artwork, and participate in contests to showcase their ink. With so much activity and excitement, it’s no wonder these events draw crowds from both the local area and beyond.

So, when Hog Roast Ormskirk was invited to cater for a tattoo convention in our local area, we were beyond excited! We understood the importance of providing nourishing food for attendees, especially those about to undergo a tattoo session. With stable blood sugar levels being crucial for the process, we knew our role was essential in keeping everyone energised and comfortable throughout the event.Hog Roast Ormskirk

Hog Roast Ormskirk’s catering manager, Sam, took charge of the operation, ensuring that our BBQ Menu was prepared to perfection. Handmade British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, spareribs, BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls, and veggie burgers offered a wide variety of flavours to suit every taste preference. These delectable mains were complemented by creamy coleslaw, pasta salad, and mixed fries, creating a satisfying and delicious meal for all.

Throughout the day, our stall remained bustling with attendees eager to sink their teeth into our delectable offerings. The aroma of our barbecue delights drew in a steady stream of hungry visitors, all excited to fuel up before exploring the convention floor. For Hog Roast Ormskirk, it was heartwarming to see our flavour-rich spread being enjoyed by so many people!

Feedback from our customers was overwhelmingly positive, with compliments pouring in for the delicious spread we had provided. It was immensely satisfying to see our efforts appreciated by so many enthusiastic attendees.

But beyond serving delicious food, catering for the tattoo convention gave Hog Roast Ormskirk the extraordinary opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture of tattoo artistry. We enjoyed mingling with attendees, chatting with artists, and witnessing the incredible talent on display throughout the event.