Hog Roast Tarleton

Hog Roast TarletonWith a rich ground for farming, the village of Tarleton knows what it is to produce and enjoy local. We here at Hog Roast Tarleton also enjoy little more than bringing local community together for a feast made from some of the finest locally reared meats and grown veg and potatoes. As our name suggests we are specialists in great British roasting, specifically for well textured meaty hog roasts made special to events all across the country. With Hog Roast Tarleton you’re getting far more for your pennies as our valued catered services go beyond just putting food on the table.

Our freshly made hog roast is also a delight to watch in cooking too as our very own mobile hog roasting machines call upon the same fiery principles of traditional hot pit spit roasting used in days of yore. The difference being that now we’ve packaged that fire pit all in one easy and convenient unit that allows for so much more versatility. It lets us go on the road with ease and still produce the same Hog Roast Tarleton renowned tastes wherever we go.

So, for your weddings, corporate functions, village festivals, town halls, social club nights, private dinners and so much more, come on over to Hog Roast Tarleton now. We make the personal touch of catered dining easy and affordable for all. You won’t be stepping away from this event with anything less than a satisfied stomach and a bright smile!

Taking Tarleton By Storm

Hog Roast TartletonWith Hog Roast Tarleton there is plenty to sing and dance about at your next event. Our namesake hog roast is of course the piéce de résistance, but it would be little without our many complementing sides, salads, breads, meat platters, cheeses, oils and so much more. With Hog Roast Tarleton dining is an event to savour after in itself, and we won’t be judging any who come rushing back to the serving table in a hurry. Of course, our service can also work to however you want it. We love the family style dining of a buffet but for some affairs our customers prefer traditional set course dining – and that’s totally fine! We’ll see you right whatever you want.

Give it a try today by calling Hog Roast Tarleton now!