Hog Roast Prescott

Hog Roast PrescottHog Roast Prescott is delivering fine dining event catering all across the area now. We’re not like your average caterer: delivering premium dining at affordable costs, Hog Roast Prescott values the personality and uniqueness of every event we attend. We match that personality in our very special hog roasts and the way we approach every occasion.

With Hog Roast Prescott you’re not getting yet another churned out catered experience from a faceless corporation that doesn’t value the individual, Hog Roast Prescott makes things personal and looks to link up established relationships to our customers. Events should be enjoyed amongst friends and family, after all  so just imagine that Hog Roast Prescott is an extension of that!

With corporate functions, parties, weddings, community functions, festivals and more in our roster, there is little that Hog Roast Prescott can’t do to brighten your day. By blending traditional and modern slow roasting methods we have refined a perfect dining experience quite like no other on the market. Our twist on the old fire pit hog roast cooking style is a dazzling performance of fiery brilliance, good smoky aromas and, at the end of it all, a neatly crisped perfect hog roast. We’ve created our very own mobile hog roast machines to allow us to take this classic of British food culture anywhere on the road and set and pack up with ease. Hog Roast Prescott is well placed to deliver high quality to any event, no matter the occasion, budget, location or size!

Pushing Perfect Pigs In Prescott

Hog Roast PrescottWant to know why we’ve put one dish to the heart of our business and name branding? Well, it’s simple, really. The Hog Roast Prescott hog roast is the event dish for all. Its quality and versatility knows no bounds and has allowed us to co-opt so many different types of menu styles. These pigs hit the mark in American style Southern barbecues, Al Fresco style dining, as a quick bite in a roll on the go, or a traditional sit down proper British roast. Whatever the call for the day, Hog Roast Prescott guarantees delicious results!

So, don’t wait for tomorrow. Call now for your free quote and see how Hog Roast Prescott can serve you!