Hog Roast Merseyside

Hog Roast MerseysideWith a famous speciality in all things meaty and well roasted, Hog Roast Merseyside are delighted to bring our unique catering services to the best county of the North West! Our business is in highly stylised event dining served to affordable and flexible costs. With our speciality hog roast your event is receiving a quality meal as well as a cooking spectacle seldom seen anymore. The traditional hog roast is made using a fire pit and usually a turning spittle. But with the modern tech and brilliance of our creation Hog Roast Merseyside have made the classic hog roast a versatile and perfect dish suited succinctly for the demands of event dining.

Our Hog Master and Titan hog roast machines allow for high volume with high quality while also cooking and barbecuing other foods and meats simultaneously. You won’t find this level of brilliance and demand anywhere else!

Do not hesitate to call us for your event whatever it may be – weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, dinner parties, community celebrations; Hog Roast Merseyside will always work flexible to your needs and budget so you can just focus on our great food without the sweat of a lengthy bill. We aim for top quality at every step of our service – between our incredibly friendly expert team of chefs and caterers, and our fine selection of the highest quality meats sourced locally, you won’t find any better than Hog Roast Merseyside. This is event dining made stylish once again and for the people!

Magnificent Mains In Merseyside

Hog Roast MerseysideWe’re a hardy bunch here in the North West, and we certainly love little more than our good British food and meat. Hog Roast Merseyside makes the great British traditional roast better than ever before, and supplements too with so many other foods to complement. Tuck into a full feast of the most delicious pork flavour together with veggie skewers, Italian salads, platters, new potato roasts and more! No one leaves a Hog Roast Merseyside event with a less than satisfied stomach. You’ll be queuing for seconds, thirds, maybe even fourths if you can hack it! We certainly won’t judge.

So, get on down to Hog Roast Merseyside now and bring the best in dining to your next event.