Hog Roast Huyton

Hog Roast HuytonBelieved by some to be the birthplace of Britain’s greatest music icons, The Beatles, Huyton is a Merseyside that understands how to have a good time. The Quarrymen, a precursor to The Beatles played frequently at Huyton’s MPTE Social Club and was also a stomping ground for some of The Beatles earliest gigs. With that in mind, could it be possible that Hog Roast Huyton could one day be witness to the next Beatles at one of your events in Huyton? If so, we’d want to keep them well fed with our renowned hog roast special, a dish so good that any potential future music heroes would be well worth waxing lyrical about!

Hog Roast Huyton are specialists in event catering and are looking to rock the market in the same way The Beatles once did. Our unique way of doing things marks us out as one of the nation’s best for event dining, as we serve up prime roast made using a mixed blend of traditional roasting methods with new. Our hog roast cooks over many hours in a mobile hog roasting unit designed and manufactured by us. It plays on the same principles as even the earliest fire pit roasts but keeps all the cooking contained into one easy to pack unit, allowing for a versatile cooking of other foods too with our many equipment extensions. The result? One excellent catering company with the very best in hog roast and event dining!

When John Lennon sang “Imagine” we like to think that he perhaps envisioned a great congregation of community settling in for a prime Hog Roast Huyton event. Our foods bring all together and dazzle at many an event. Weddings, corporate functions, social clubs, private dinners, anniversaries – whatever the day, Hog Roast Huyton will make it a day to remember!

Exceptional Roasts

Hog Roast HuytonWith many menu options there is plenty to get excited about with Hog Roast Huyton. By calling today our lovely team can walk you through the many ways we can help your next event. We believe in flexibility and personal care meaning that our customers get exactly what they want, the way they want it. Our costs help follow that ethos too by remaining flexible to your budget and needs. We want your day to happen with us, so we’ll do all we can to make sure that happens.

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