Hog Roast Formby

Hog Roast FormbyThinking of organising a big celebration for that anniversary coming up? Got hundreds of wedding guests to feed? Maybe you even just want to spice up a smaller dinner party between friends. Whatever your needs, when it comes to food you simply must have Hog Roast Formby catering at your event. We work to you. Hog Roast Formby puts the personal touch into event dining since we believe that events should always feel like a shared occasion amongst friends and family. Hog Roast Formby just works as an extension to that ethos. Plus, with the family style dining of our big hog roasts it helps to have a bit of friendly merriment to go along with a fine meal. We make event dining easy and approachable; our team will always work to make you more comfortable to just enjoy the occasion and our great foods!

Now to the good stuff: the meaty delights of our namesake hog roast. Our meat is prepared fresh and is carefully tended to for hours, slowly roasting on our magnificent mobile spit roast, until you and your guests are ready to taste its perfectly delicate flavour – believe us when we say that you’ll be struggling to hold yourself back just watching it be made! With the mixed blend of traditionality and modern brilliance in our mobile hog roasters your food comes to an almighty level of taste and texture that is truly worth the wait. This is roast dining the way it should be enjoyed!

Fine Foods In Formby

Hog Roast FormbyWith a meaty hog roast you’re also going to be looking for some tasty sides to furnish it off. Hog Roast Formby has plenty of menus to choose from. Our Southern BBQ menu brings the smoky flavours of the Americas to your event; or grab a taste of the Mediterranean with our Al Fresco menus complete with meat platters, quality cheeses, breads, oils, salads and more; or maybe just the classic Hog Roast Formby hog roast menu. Whatever the occasion, and whatever your tastes, we’ll get you a stylish dining experience that suits you!

So, call Hog Roast Formby today to bring premium catering at an affordable cost to your event!