Hog Roast Crosby

Hog Roast CrosbyProper event dining should always be more than just a quick meal slopped onto a plate; at Hog Roast Crosby we push for more with our specialised event dining made of the traditional and new alike. Our speciality hog roasts blends both old and new as its simple fire roast practices date back to even the very beginnings of man, though now with our very own mobile hog roast machines this classic of British food culture is born anew with versatility and modern efficiency. It is the perfect dish for any event, allowing for high quality even in high volume.

For us fine dining is the central core to any special occasion and so we always strive for a high demand of brilliance, ingenuity and flair to our event catering. It makes for an event in itself with the glorious spectacle and fine tastes of our premium roasted foods!

Hog Roast Crosby is ready for the demands of any day. Our mobile machines let us hit the road with ease and keep all our equipment neatly packaged and ready to go at a moments notice. No matter the location, size of event, budget, terms of the day, or whatever else, Hog Roast Crosby will be there to give you stylish dining. Weddings, corporate events, festivals, social club nights, private dinner events and more! Hog Roast can fit into any event. We prefer to work flexibly and personal to our customers, ensuring that you are given the precise type of service you desire. Don’t hesitate today to speak to our team and see how the fine tastes of Hog Roast Crosby can be brought to you.

Exquisite Dining Redefined

Hog Roast CrosbyThis is premium dining without the premium cost. Hog Roast Crosby has gone to lengths to getting in the best pigs and ingredients around the area and bringing costs down to ensure that everyone can enjoy the incredible tastes of our special dine in experience.

For your money Hog Roast Crosby will open you up to a smattering of excellent menus all designed to excel in the event setting. The smoky tastes of American barbecue, the sunny side of the Mediterranean with Al Fresco salads, breads, oils, cheeses; the classic favourite British hog roast. It’s all in Hog Roast Crosby!

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