Hog Roast Aintree

Hog Roast AintreeWe of course all know Aintree across the nation as the great home to the Grand National. But away from these galloping horses we want Aintree now to also become known for its pigs – although these ones might not quite be so fast. Hog Roast Aintree is bringing exquisite hog roast dining to events across Aintree to rival even the fastest steeds at the Grand National. This is quality defined perfectly for event dining as our hog roasts bring perfect crispy textures and juicy meatiness to the dinner table.

The Hog Roast Aintree speciality roast is a turn on the traditional hog roast as our very own hog roast machines make this classic of British food an even better option for event dining than ever before. Our hog roast is perfect for the demands of any event, from weddings to small private dinners, festivals, corporate functions, social club nights and more! Spend your Grand National winnings in the best way possible with a fine meal and a stylish mealtime for your next event!

This is premium dining made affordable as we source the best quality stocks and meats while always keeping costs low. Our brilliance on the grill is of top chef quality but again our hog roast methods allow us to keep this premium level while costs stay low too. This is stylish dining made for everyone. It is perfect for your next event, so get calling today!

Grand Hogs In Aintree

Hog Roast AintreeHog Roast Aintree are making event dining an event all by itself. Our slow cooked hog roast looks brilliant in action, and, somehow, tastes even better than it looks. The hog roast does not live by itself, however; a full complement of sides, salads, veggie skewers, meaty platters, cheeses, oils, breads, roast new potatoes , it’s all in the Hog Roast Aintree package. You’ll be galloping toward these special dishes and won’t be hesitating for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths! Of course, we won’t

So, miss the gate – get a leg up by calling Hog Roast Aintree today and ensure your next event is one to savour.