Hog Roast Ainsdale

Hog Roast AinsdaleSitting just shy of the beaches looking out the great waters beyond, Ainsdale is a fine Merseyside village proud of its heritage and strong in its delightful community. This beautiful little village is the perfect backdrop for special occasion and wonderful events of friends, family and community, and we here at Hog Roast Ainsdale are here to aid to the day with wonderful roast foods and a unique catered experience worthy of the great surrounding Ainsdale sights. While enjoying the seaside breeze pair the bright shining day with a delicious fresh, handmade, pulled pork roll, or an incredible Al Fresco platter complete with tastes of the Mediterranean in breads, oils, meats and cheeses. All this and more is available from Hog Roast Ainsdale – your next and only event caterer from now on in Ainsdale.

We do things just a bit differently to your usual stock caterer as we put an onus on quality made genuine roasts with our traditional spit roaster and exquisite whole hog roasts. It is a dining experience assured to add flair, spectacle, and a unique imprint upon your event as our hog roast is made in the traditional way – proper slow-cook spit roasting. This classic of British food is the real deal when it comes to event dining. Its salty pork flavouring, well charred texturing and juicy meatiness is a favourite for many of our guests and keeps everyone in high spirit throughout the day! So, for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays and more be sure to give Hog Roast Ainsdale a call today!

Premium Dining Made Affordable

Hog Roast AinsdaleHog Roast Ainsdale provides an extensive range of food items beyond just our speciality hog roast. With an array of salads, canapés, sides, meat options, or vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free substitutes there is something to be found for everyone. Our foods and meats come from quality local stock to ensure their taste is never compromised. It also allows us to keep our business local which is something we prefer to do whenever we can, aiming to work to the community and form bonds with local business and people of Merseyside always.

So come on over to the Hog Roast Ainsdale family today and get quality service at a cost that works to you!