Wildlife Adventures and Hog Roast Gillmoss’s Mouth-Watering BBQ – A Home-Schooling Event to Remember!

As the number of home-schooled children in the UK continues to grow, more and more events are popping up to help and support home educators on their chosen path. These events are fantastic for ensuring children get the chance to meet and connect with peers, forming friendships across the home-schooling community. What’s that got to do with Hog Roast Gillmoss, you ask? Don’t worry, we’re getting to that part!

Hog Roast GillmossOur latest client, Tim, was knee-deep in organising his latest ‘home educator session’ when he reached out to us. These sessions are the talk of the home-schooling community, thanks to Tim’s unique and fun approach to learning. This time, he planned a thrilling nature-inspired day to teach kids about the local wildlife. Hosted at a beautiful country park, the event was packed with activities that were as educational as they were fun. The kids dove into wildlife garden bingo, planted seeds, built bug hotels, and made bird feeders. They were on a mission to spot and record wildlife and even tested their recycling knowledge with a fun challenge. With so much action, everyone worked up quite an appetite. Thankfully, Hog Roast Gillmoss was on hand to serve a mouth-watering BBQ lunch!

Enter Sam, our catering maestro, who presented a BBQ feast fit for these ravenous wildlife warriors! We had homemade sausages, juicy chicken kebabs, BBQ spare ribs, and – the main attraction – our handmade British beef burgers!

Not to leave anyone out, our veggie and vegan guests had plenty to smile about, too. They dove into our veggie burgers and grilled vegetable kebabs, complete with optional halloumi, chilli sauce, tzatziki dip, and flatbreads. Add in some seasonal green leaf salad, Greek salad, and sweet potato fries, and you’ve got a winning combo! Once everyone had stuffed their faces and recharged, they were ready to tackle the rest of the day’s activities with renewed energy. Meanwhile, we at Hog Roast Gillmoss made sure to leave the picnic site spotless, cleaning up every crumb and bit of debris.

It was a blast being part of this event, and Tim was so impressed with our services that he’s already booked us for next month’s session. We can’t wait to bring our flavours back to these fantastic home-schooled kids and their families!