Hog Roast Garswood

Hog Roast GarswoodTreat your guests to a unique outdoor dining experience courtesy of Hog Roast Garswood. We are the premier hog roast providers in the Garswood area of Merseyside. Not only can we offer you the best hog roast catering around, we also provide a broad section of other menu items and exciting outdoor catering packages for all occasions.

A whole hog that has been slowly spit roasted over a long period outdoors is an enticing thing to behold. It has been the centrepiece of outdoor feasts and the main feature of banquet tables for thousands of years. The slow and delicate spit roasting method achieves a whole new level of flavour and succulence, producing meat that is so tender it simply falls off the bone.

Hog Roast Garswood have a modern approach to hog roast cooking whilst retaining the same core method and age-old charm. We use our own advanced catering equipment that is specially designed to produce tender and tasty pork in any setting, and for any number of people. Our equipment is also highly adaptable and it can be used to prepare a whole range of other meats, vegetarian options and hot sides dishes too.

Unbeatable Hog Roast Catering For Any Garswood Event

Hog Roast GarswoodOur catering team are just as flexible as the cutting edge mobile equipment we use – we can prepare a wide repertoire of different dishes to an excellent standard, enabling us to produce diverse catering packages that are suitable for all occasions. We can produce menus in different styles and freshly made food for large-scale events and smaller parties alike.

We have relaxed and more formal menus, depending on your requirements and we can offer you a complete catering package for your event that will be tailored to your wishes. We have specialist menus available for weddings, corporate hospitality, and private parties in the Garswood area, and we are equipped to cater in any outdoor setting for just about any occasion you can think of. We are not only a great catering option for summer either – we can cater all year round and we love utilising the best locally sourced seasonal produce in all our dishes.

For outdoor dining at its best, Hog Roast Garwood are the local caterers who should be your number one choice for any occasion!